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A reference trademark in thermal, acoustical and protection against fire insulation products.

Easiness and speed of installation. Easy adaptation to structural elements. Excellent thermal insulation performance. Significantly improved acoustic performance. Safety in case of fire. Dimensional stability. Very good performance against water. Inert product that respects the environment (free from CFC and HCFC).

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What is stone wool?

Stone wool is a thermal, acoustic and incombustible insulation product that results from a physical transformation process of basalt at high temperatures, as well as the consequent process of centrifugation of the melt, which generates the mineral fibers.
Therefore, it is a natural, inorganic and mineral product.


Productive process

In the productive process we use the most updated technological means with high complexity, which allows to manufacture a product that responds to the needs of our customers.

Main characteristics

Protection against fire. Thermal insulation. Acoustical insulation. Behavior towards water. Chemically neutral. Salubrity. Environmental protection.


Life cycles

Insulation products with a very positive echo balance, which provide environmental advantages that far outweigh the negative effects on the environment.


Products and solutions

The high standards of ROCTERM + stone wool guarantee all the requirements of architecture, engineering, functionality and well-being for a wide range of constructive solutions, regardless their degree of complexity.


Residential buildings

The versatility of stone wool improves the quality, safety and comfort of residential buildings, through its application in the constituent elements, such as in inclined or flat roofs, floors, ceilings, partitions walls, interior and / or exterior walls, among others.


Industrial buildings

The applicability of stone wool in industrial buildings and for commercial and public use, as in roofs and facades of industrial buildings, and also inside, guarantees to the user, in addition to excellent thermal and acoustic performance, the desired fire safety.

Air conditioning and heating

The thermal insulation of air conditioning ducts, stoves, fireplaces and others, is crucial to guarantee a high effective thermal performance for this type of solutions. In addition, stone wool allows to acoustically isolate and protect these solutions against fire.


Industrial acoustics

Thanks to its structure and the conciliation of density and acoustic absorption, stone wool acts with extreme efficiency in relation to noise and vibrations coming from an industrial environment (equipments or the surroundings), two forms of evident pollution that need to be minimized.


Industry and Marine

The ability of stone wool for thermal insulation in industrial equipment and boats, maximizing their thermal performance, the suitability for both low and high temperatures, acoustic comfort and fire safety are characteristics that make this product excellent in this type of solutions .

Passive protection against fire

Stone wool is incombustible. Its low calorific value and high melting point allow this product to be integrated into passive fire protection solutions, preventing the formation and transmission of fire through the insulation and protecting the isolated areas against the action of fire.

About us

The mission, strategy and direction of our efforts towards continuous improvement and satisfaction of our customers.


The Company

TERMOLAN’s mission is to manufacture stone wool for thermal, acoustic and protection against fire, consolidating its position in the market thanks to the high levels of quality and competitiveness of its products achieved with the appropriate management policies.


Quality and Environmental Policy

Aware of the environmental concerns, we are committed to the challenge of maintaining and continuously improving a Quality and Environmental System, in accordance with the requirements from the NP EN ISO 9001 and NP EN ISO 14001 standards.



The factory units and the team with the appropriate skills enable the company to face the multiple challenges that we face, such as the introduction of new technologies, incorporated in the product, in the manufacturing processes or in any functional area of the company.

TERMOLAN’s mission is to manufacture stone wool for thermal, acoustic and fire protection insulation. The knowledge of all the process that leads the transformation of basalt and limestone in mineral wool, combined with the use of the current technological means, allows TERMOLAN to manufacture a product that responds to the needs of the customers.


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