Nowdays, one of the greastest challenges of the planet is the preservation of the environment. Besides the technology advances improving our quality of life, they also reveal the delicated balance of the environment in a world where everything changes at a vertiginous speed and the global warming of the planet Earth is a real threat for the future of the mankind.

The fields of the construction and industry are key-sectors that influence the development of the global warming and, therefore, they must assume a very important position in what concerns to the preservation of the valuable energetic resources of the planet.

The commitment to the improvement of the environment, for these two fields, is defined by changing the design of the new buildings and the rehabilitating existing ones, by changing the design of the industrial installations and equipments, with the purpose to reduce the negative impacts on the environment.

Conscious of this reality, TERMOLAN offers sustainable products for insulation solutions, in a way to have a better tomorrow.

TERMOLAN’s mission is to manufacture stone wool for thermal, acoustic and fire protection insulation. The knowledge of all the process that leads the transformation of basalt and limestone in mineral wool, combined with the use of the current technological means, allows TERMOLAN to manufacture a product that responds to the needs of the customers.


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