The use of TERMOLAN’s products makes it easier to renew the air from the living spaces.

The noise is agression, discomfort and nowadays their levels are getting higher.

Thus, the use of stone wool allows to: • Insulate and acoustically correct the spaces; • Protect people from sound agression; • Improve the confort of buildings.

The ROCTERM stone wool products are based on fibers of the same nature as the stones they are originated from, being experimentally tested and ensuring the biossolubility of the products.

MW ROCTERM fibers fulfill the exclusion criteria established in the Note Q – Directive 97/69/CE.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) – issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) – concluded in October of 2001 that the mineral wool for insulation are exonerated from the carcinogenic classification for humans.

Therefore, the products are obviously inoffensive for health. Even so, we are signatories of the EURIMA Commitment, aiming the introduction of a phrase and pictograms placed on the packaging of all of our products.

The implementation of this measure and the pictograms is mandatory for all of the products we sell in the European Member states.

The mechanical effect of fibres in contact with skin may cause temporary itching:

Usar vestuário de proteção e luvas adequadas. Utilizar máscara se em locais não ventilados

Enxaguar as mãos com água fria antes de as lavar

Aspirar em vez de varrer o local de trabalho

Arejar o local de trabalho

Os resíduos devem ser tratados de acordo com a regulamentação em vigor

Em caso de trabalho prolongado usar óculos de proteção

The stone wool has neutral PH.
Its structure is stable, non-corrosive and unassailable by chemical agents.
These products are manufactured in accordance with all the environmental preservation care.

TERMOLAN’s mission is to manufacture stone wool for thermal, acoustic and fire protection insulation. The knowledge of all the process that leads the transformation of basalt and limestone in mineral wool, combined with the use of the current technological means, allows TERMOLAN to manufacture a product that responds to the needs of the customers.


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