Sustentability is one of the fundamental landmarks which are leading TERMOLAN to develop the range of products GROWSFAST.

For us, the meaning of sustentability is related to the contribution to produce, in a more sustainable way, an healthy and fresh product at an affordable price to the consumer.

Sustainable production of food is increasingly becoming a reality that is entering at our homes and is a global challenge for the next decades.

With the launching of GROWSFAST products, TERMOLAN is giving its contribute to deal with these global challenges, offering technological solutions that allows to obtain more profits with less expenses, both for people and the planet.

We are convinced that this method of growth gives a strong contribute to our agricultural producers to reach a sustainable cultivation.


This plates are composed by inorganic stone wool fibers obtained by centrifugation, resulting from the high temperature fusion of the constituent stones (basalt and limestone) and they are agglutinated with an hydrophilic binder that will consent the control and retention of water.

This product is the ideal substrate for professionals, being a great solution for the demanding vegetable producers who wants to get the most profits from their crops.

Thanks to their fibrous structure with a great distribution and a wide range of control, these plates are extremely flexible in their use throughout the growing season.

The control of the water and the nutrients can be easily adjusted to attend the requirements of each growing season and is a solid base for vigorous plants with a very low susceptibility to plant diseases.

GROWSFAST is an efficient substrate, very easy to configure and steady over time.


1. To keep enough water
The properties of ressaturation are really trustful and allows a wide range of control for who does agriculture. At any moment the plate retains the sufficient humidity to set aside any risk that could put at stake the life of the plants. Its improved capillary action allows the plate to uniformly keep its humidity throught it.

2. Easy irrigation
Its properties allows to the producer a multifaceted irrigation strategy, changing the volume of water (in a safety range between 55 and 78% / day). If the water is insufficient, the plate can be fastly resaturated or, if it is present in excess, it can be drained from the plate efficiently.

3. Uniform culture with fast development
The fibrous structure allows the easy penetration of the roots resulting in a fast and homogeneous development, obtaining healthy and vigorous plants. The steadiness of the structure also allows the stability of the root until the end of the growing cycle.

 4. Management and synchronization of the climate environment
With these plate, the producers can guide the development of the plants suported by efficient irrigation, as well as a lower supply of nutrients with lower energy consumption. These factors favor the synchronization of climate management strategies aimed to reduce the energy consumption and keeping the substrate steady even in bad weather conditions.

5. Sustainable use of water and nutrients
These plates don’t require the washing in the beginning of the growing cycle. A specific use of water and nutrients, from the beginning of the growing cycle allows the sustainable use of water and nutrients/fertilizers. These measures, combined with other management strategies, enables the beginning development of the plants, obtaining high production level of results.

The GROWSFAST plates are extremely versatile and are recommended for the growing cycles of the vegetable cultures, such as: lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, courgettes and aubergines.

TERMOLAN’s mission is to manufacture stone wool for thermal, acoustic and fire protection insulation. The knowledge of all the process that leads the transformation of basalt and limestone in mineral wool, combined with the use of the current technological means, allows TERMOLAN to manufacture a product that responds to the needs of the customers.


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